November 14, 2009

This blog won’t publish any posts, because the name of this blog is ‘rath in london’. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m not in London anymore.

I think the life in London is also good, but there is no difference among these continents.

I’m doing many activities in here, but there are no special things related to London. This makes me to close this blog.

Okay, you could say like “Why do you close this blog? You still can manage this blog after modifying the name of this blog!”.

Well, I’m not familiar with, and don’t have intention to keep the URL of this blog.

Sorry. Bye, Bye. 😉


That is, Try.

Don’t try anything except you are interested in that.

Do or Do not. There is not try.


September 23, 2009

Portfolio and Experience cannot allow you to make an improvement. It is just another way to persuade others although they sometimes enable you to reduce fear and gives you confidence.

Many person tend to believe they can something well what they did well on the past.

It’s not true.


September 23, 2009

When did I make a great improvement, not an achievement?

Whenever I made a great improvement, I could not aware of my intention for why I doing the work. and just did it on a regular basis.

That’s all.

I fully understand we usually have lots of wicked, malicious, and evil mind when we want to make an achievement. Anyway, it never help you to improve yourself even you are in struggle with your object because such intentions will disrupt your activity after your feeling is over.

We don’t have good memory.

Fundamental principles

August 31, 2009

Emotion and feelings make concentration difficult. If you are in distracted, close your eyes and ears. Be in calm and flush them to papers or in air. Do not watch other streams, like twitter and facebook even on clock. Informations they provided are useful sometimes. but listen, why did you think they are useful. for what? for whom?

They usually stimulates you even in a context you should focus on your own work without their helps, and they often win against yours.

If you need to find a work your own, do close all of them just about 15 minutes. it will help you to aware what you’ll do and where you have to go.

Context aware speaking

August 23, 2009

Today, I like to mention about Context-Aware speaking. I don’t know whether the word ‘Context-Aware’ exists or not, but it helps me to describe what I want to say.

I often use words which is bounded to contextomy in conversation. That is, I usually ignore intensions of others, and be creative (of course, in positive manner) so that I try to change current context of a conversation to be relax and funny.

It has no problem since all of participants agree implicitly that they don’t want to keep the context which is talking about with. Furthermore, it sometimes helps us to break a situation filled with ice if stuffs a breaker said is finny. I use the word ‘Contextomy’ but it also called ‘repartee’ that is part of wit in conversation.

Obviously, repartee is counterproductive. A person who is speaking with a specific intension may be angry and feel difficulty to communicate since their speaking was cut by just a wit which has no relationship with their intension. To suggest a new context in conversation is not easy because it takes some responsibility to us. Therefore, all of participants have a tendency to follow a new context derived from a repartee. But, sometimes it cannot be recoverable and be a horrible thing to a speaker.

A person who have initial context  may argue that why didn’t you listen to me in a serious manner. and perhaps he/she might hear following sentence.

‘Why so serious?’

Man, we need a serious manner sometimes. Don’t be counterproductive and follow the context, please.

Learning and practicing a foreign language is difficult and sometimes has several problems.

Firstly, it is difficult to find good materials for you. If you pick a fake one and have it, you may feel fear when you utilize it in front of native persons and you would lose your confidence. Moreover, although you find a good one, since we have our own studying process, you should find how to improve yourself with that book. And you must spend much time on struggling.

Secondly, it is easy to forget what the real world is in speaking. Although I can hardly assure what the real world is exactly, in general people uses their own language to communicate each other. What I want to say is nobody don’t mind whether you are good or not except evaluators. Do you want to freely handle fantastic, intelligental, even *legal* words or phases whenever you speak? These attitudes will not help you to be a better communicator. Moreover it might cause persons to think you are kids-like people.

There is no conclusion in this essay.
I have just found a little key that why trying to practice is too hard for me. And this makes me to share on my blog.

Thanks for reading.

Well, 2 weeks have passed after I arrived.

Last tuesday, I met a french for swapping language, my Java and his english. I wrote a advertise on Gumtree and finally met him. We spent time on talking about each other like who we are. At wednesday, the day after that, michel introduced me some streets around his office, faringdon. then, we went a Pret and have lunch. during lunch, we talked about Hibernate that what is the best practice when we need to retrieve all of data and process them one by one.

These are sentences which is provided someone else who ask me what you did in London.

eh.. there is no special events on me. I did my programming jobs which have not started before in Korea.

Arrived to London

August 3, 2009

I came into London only a week before with my wife Ellen.

Ellen, my spouse, had came here for studying Fine Art. In contrast, I had moved London without a specific intention. If somebody ask me why you came to London, I will reply that to him I came to London to build an ego without any references I had before.

In South Korea, person who know me since a long time ago think I’m a person like blah, blah.. sometimes it made me blaming others, and sometimes i am proud of it, however. Obviously, it was really helpful for me at many times. The only reason i don’t like is it enables me not to see the Real World. I didn’t have to feel the fear to do my job since other people believe me enough. I didn’t have to prove myself to others because I’ve had references enough.

Sure, I admit it’s really easy to live in real world with that references. But it’s not fun and didn’t help me to struggle ever since. I don’t want to live like that. It is a routine job which is boring.

This is the reason. 🙂


November 19, 2008